Capital Market Relations

„Thorough analysis and industry-specific expertise are the key criteria for successful capital market relations.“

An annual report is much more than a mere description and explanation of financial accounts. It is the medium through which a company provides its shareholders and stakeholders with comprehensive information on the company’s current and future market positioning. In addition, annual reports are key tools in financial planning and analysis, since preparing the report involves reviewing and adjusting the company’s strategy. In terms of communication, the annual report sets the tone for all of a company’s external communication instruments during the rest of the year.

Against this background we pursue an integrated approach in the conception and realisation of business reports. We combine the obligation to publish results and the associated strict project planning with rigorous, transparent and comprehensible information. An important element is the corporate strategy which is sharpened and/ or developed further during the course of the project realisation. Here we contribute not only well-founded expertise in the field of financial journalism, but also concrete management experience.

In co-operation with our customers we also produce from this base all complementary publications, including interim reports, ad-hoc memoranda and investors’ handbooks. We also prepare the executive board for the general meeting by rehearsing specifically with its members the answering of difficult questions. We accompany firms through crisis situations and times of change. And finally, WPFC as the sales partner of the AfU Agentur für Unternehmensnachrichten GmbH and the AfU Investor GmbH has access to a wealth of data which meets international requirements in the fields of corporate information and fund ownership data.