Norbert Paulsen

Norbert Paulsen has worked as a business journalist since 1986. He gained his experience as editor in the corporate department of the Börsen-Zeitung in the specific fields of mechanical and plant engineering and small caps. He was department head in charge of Public Relations and Investor Relations at Buderus AG and thereafter editor at impulse, the magazine for medium-sized companies. He also worked for numerous prestigious publications at home and abroad, including Welt am Sonntag, Die Zeit, Das Wertpapier, Schweizer Finanz & Wirtschaft and Börsen-Kurier in Vienna. He set standards in the field of detailed information on publicly-listed companies with the Gabler Aktienführer 1996, listing details of publicly owned medium-sized companies. This publication, which extends to 1,600 pages, is also at the heart of the AfU Agentur für Unternehmensnachrichten GmbH and the AfU Investor Research GmbH, of which he is also Managing Director in addition to fulfilling this function at WPFC.